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Become part of the largest coldwater conservation organization. Join other women who enjoy angling, conservation and community. NJTU is looking for women members and leaders to grow membership in the ten TU chapters within the state. Chapter coordinators work with to plan and host events that are educational and exciting for new and current members. By networking together, we can connect and share our love of the outdoors.

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September 29, 2017

TU National Meeting 2017 - Diversity


As I write this, we’re in the TU National Meeting in Roanoke, in the Diversity session.  Kelly Buchta, our own National Leadership Council Rep and Diversity Initiative Coordinator is speaking.

TU needs to be able to represent anglers, since that’s where most of our members start.  And diversity is part of our need to grow membership.

For example: The number of women in TU is up by 43% which is great, but that’s still only 6% of our membership when 34% of all anglers are women. Most members start as anglers so we need to improve this.

Our membership is aging, which limits the future of our mission if we don’t grow and attract the up and coming.

And, if we expect Americans to engage in the TU mission, we need our fellow citizens to believe TU is open and welcoming and devoted to everyone’s interest in the future of Conservation, Protection, Reconnection, and Education.

That’s the solemn side.  But TU is making progress.  A broad spectrum of new members is contributing to our mission, helping existing chapters, creating new chapters.  So TU National, the NJ State Council, and our chapters have an amazing breadth of opportunities.

April 19, 2017

NJ Women of TU Facebook group

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This group is for women in the NJ and Tri-State are that are interested in coldwater conservation and angling pursuits. Join the conversation and catch up on outdoor news and activities.

January 25, 2017

WI Evolves to the DI

TU’s Women’s Initiative was launched in 2011 to address the concern that only 6 percent of all TU members were women, while at the same time women made up 36 percent of all anglers in the U.S. In 2016, the initiative was renamed the Diversity Initiative in recognition that the successes of the past five years in recruiting and engaging women members and leaders could translate to similar growth in other demographic areas of our membership.