NJ State Council Officers

Richard Thomas

State Council Chair

Fred S. Burroughs Chapter

Prior to taking on the State Council Chairman role, Rich was the NJ National Leadership Council (NLC) representative from 2007 to 2012. As NLC Rep., Rich worked closely with his fellow NLC Reps. from around the country to map TU’s mission in each member state. Also in this role, Rich chaired the Delaware Watershed Conservation Workshop which focused on improving the trout habitat within the watershed by insuring equitable flows from all reservoirs. This group worked closely with other workshops which focus on understanding and limiting the impacts of gas development within the Marcellus Shale region. Rich has past experience as Central chapter Vice President and President, Central Region V.P. and also with thermal studies, river clean-ups (Musconetcong River), introducing the Central NJ Boy Scout Council to fly fishing and river stocking.

Glenn Tippy

State Council Vice Chair

Fred S. Burroughs Chapter

Glenn has served as State Council secretary for the past 6 years and has graciously agreed to continue his services as Council Vice Chair. In addition to his state council duties, he is past President of the Fred Burroughs/North Jersey Chapter. Glenn has been involved in local politics including serving as the mayor for his town and serving as president of his local school board of education.

Dennis McCarthy


Rahway River Chapter

Dennis is the current treasurer for the Rahway River Chapter. In this position, he has developed their first working budget and works closely with various committees to ensure best practices for all accounting purposes. In addition to managing funds for his chapter, Dennis manages extensive funds with great success within the business world. He is a welcomed asset to NJTU.

Bruce Seiden


East Jersey Chapter

Bruce is currently the Treasurer of the East Jersey chapter and has been on their board of directors for over 15 years. In addition to his current role as treasurer, he is a member of the chapter’s conservation committee, which is responsible for planning and coordinating the chapter’s conservation activities. Bruce has been an instructor in the chapter’s education classes (fly tying and fly fishing) through the Paramus Community School since joining the chapter, and currently coordinates the program for the chapter.

Kelly Buchta

National Leadership Council Rep

East Jersey Chapter

Kelly Elizabeth Buchta is a member of the East Jersey chapter and is also active with Connecticut TU, where as a volunteer for special projects, her interest in TU began. She came to the State Council level with enthusiasm and aspirations for getting women and youth involved in TU. In this role, Kelly connected chapters through programs and activities to bolster membership and interest. Now as our NLC Rep, Kelly is carrying the NJ issues to TU National. She has volunteered with Casting For Recovery, local Boy and Girl scout troops, the Joan Wulff Fly Fishers and TU chapter restoration and educational projects. As a teacher, Kelly hopes to take her skills out of the classroom and into the conservation world to strengthen the mission of TU while engaging more women, the fastest growing segment of the fly fishing industry.

Rick Axt

Immediate Past SC Chair

Ken Lockwood Chapter

Rick served as NJTU Chair from 2007 to 2012 and led efforts to insure TU’s mission was advanced in NJ. During his tenure, two new Chapters were added, Rahway River and Ridge & Valley and he successfully re-charted the other 10 chapters. Rick also led the efforts to have all chapters create by-laws as required by a TU National initiative. Prior to taking over the state council Chair position in January 2007, Rick spent the past 6 years as vice chair and the past 11 years as state council Stream Restoration Workshop Director. Rick has held numerous positions within the Ken Lockwood TU chapter including past president, resource chair and program chair. In addition to his TU works he has also been involved with the NJ section of the American Water Resource Association, Central Jersey Director of Stream Restoration Committee Member and has served on the Flood Hazard Area Rules Subcommittee. Rick is now retired and living in NY on the East Branch of the Delaware doing what he loves to do most, chasing trout.

Dave McCready

NJ State Federation of Sportsmen Rep

Central Jersey Chapter

Dave has been a Trout Unlimited (TU) member since 1994 and has been active with the Central Jersey TU Board of directors since 1995. He has been involved with many CJTU projects however assumed the role of Somerset County Federation of Sportsmen’s representative in 1999. In 2010, Dave became an active member with the New Jersey State Council of TU and quickly assumed the role of NJTU representative to the NJ State Federation of Sportsmen where he currently serves as a board member.

Committee Chairs

Agust Gudmundsson

Chair, Membership Committee

Central Jersey Chapter

Agust is a past Chair of state council (2000 – 2006) and proof that reaching our youth results in new TU members down the road. In 1975 in the 8th grade, Agust took a fly-fishing course with the North Jersey chapter and joined TU several years later. In the Central Jersey chapter, he has held numerous positions including Chapter VP and President. During Agust’s time at TU in various leadership roles, he has been instrumental in such areas as setting up Trout Conservation Areas (TCAs) at Point Mountain on the Musconetcong, and Ken Lockwood Gorge on the South Branch Raritan. In addition, Agust has testified numerous times in support of sound conservation practices for our rivers and watersheds, from support for C-1 classifications for trout production waters to support for the Highlands Act. He has served on the Liberty Twp. Environmental Committee. Agust has been and continues to be a major force for TU’s mission in New Jersey and beyond and currently serves on the New Jersey Fish & Wildlife Council.

Brian Cowden

Chair, Conservation Committee

Ridge & Valley Chapter

Brian is a past full time TU national employee under the Eastern Conservation staff and served as the Musconetcong Home Rivers Initiative Coordinator. Brian first joined the NJ state council as Vice Chair in January 2007 only to resign that position in January of 2008 to take on TU’s full-time position as the Musconetcong Home River Initiative Project Coordinator in February of 2008. This was TU national’s first paid staff position in New Jersey. Brian reported to the VP of Eastern Conservation. His previous TU volunteer experiences have been as chapter education chair, chapter vice president (a volunteer position he currently holds), state coordinator for our highly successful Trout in the Classroom program, as well as past state council vice chair. Brian is now State VP for Conservation.