September 29, 2017

National TU Distinguished Leadership Award goes to NJ TU Chair Rich Thomas

NJTU Officers: Rich Thomas, Kelly Buchta, Glenn Tippy, Agust Gudmundsson

RIch Thomas, Chair of New Jersey Trout Unlimited, received the the National Trout Unlimited Distinguished Service Leadership Award at TU’s Annual Meeting 9/29/2017.

Rich received this award for his years of effort and his successes on behalf of NJ and National Trout Unlimited’s missions of Conservation, Protection, and Restoration of New Jersey and America’s river and cold water resources.

Rich has served as member, committee chair, board member, and President of his local chapter of TU, Central NJ Chapter 123.  He has been a board member of the NJ State Council of TU, National Leadership Council Representative, and Chair of the NJ State Council.  On a national level he has worked with TU’s partners in preserving the Upper Delaware River in NY, and served on TU’s National Strategic Planning Committee.

Rich Thomas brought his professional skills, his intellect, his ability to work in partnership and to mentor others, to Trout Unlimited’s mission.  But it is his passionate commitment to protection of the environment and a better future that made him so effective.  We salute Rich for the achievements that led him to being awarded this prestigious award on behalf of National TU’s 150,000 members.

April 12, 2016

New Survey for ALL MEMBERS - Drive Diversity Forward


A little more than five years ago, Trout Unlimited conducted a survey of female members seeking guidance on how we were serving them as members, engaging them as leaders and providing them opportunities to be active participants in our community – at all levels of the organization.

Since that time, and with significant effort from hundreds of volunteers across the country, TU’s Women’s Initiative has grown – and so have the number of female members and female leaders.

Now, we are launching a new survey for all members with three distinct goals:

• Highlight the history and success of the Women’s Initiative, determine how broadly it is known and gauge if members feel that attitudes have changed for the better since it first started.

• Compare and analyze responses from the original survey to determine perceived and real changes in TU over the past five years.

• Discover what drives female members to join TU, why they stay, how well they are received locally and if they would consider serving as a local level leader.

Please help us ensure a robust and diverse response to this survey – yes, all members, any gender, are being asked to take it – by clicking here to take the survey, and by sharing this survey link with your member network.

Please click here to take the survey: